You don’t have to have a clinical eating disorder to reach out for help.

If you are uncomfortable in any way with the way you think about food and your body you may benefit from exploring that with a trained professional. It is possible to live a life where guilt and / or shame about food and your body does not have to be the norm. There really is more to life than that. Food freedom helps to create space for what is important to you.

Contact me

Individual consultations (also virtual)

Individual consultations is what I enjoy best. I see anyone in need of help with how they relate to food and/or their body. Whether you have an eating disorder, or whether you have an uncomfortable relationship with food and your body or feel you need more skills around food and caring for yourself – send me an email and find out if we will be a ‘match’. I also offer virtual sessions where appropriate.

Consultative work

I am available for various short-term consultative work as I have capacity. I have been involved in helping institutions with their menus as well as given input and input into protocols for facilities involved in the treatment of substance abuse.

Talks / workshops (parents/teachers etc.)

Group talks or workshops allows for very special and lively interactions! My audience varies from groups in recovery from eating disorders to substance use disorders to parents , teachers and carers. I am very aware of the great need there is to be proactive and involved in preventing disordered eating in children. I like to strengthen parents in helping their kids find their way amidst a culture of dieting and food phobias.

Interviews and writing

I have done a couple of radio interviews on the topic of the non-diet approach to health and finding a healthy relationship with food. I enjoy writing although the latter has been put on the back-burner due to time-constraints!

Uncomfortable with the way you think about food and your body?